Pathways Healing


Facial Cupping Parties!

For a limited time only! Do you want to learn how to do Facial Cupping for yourself at home? Arrange a party with Bonnie! Minimum 4 guests, maximum 10. Hostess attends for FREE! Bonnie will come to your house. You supply the guests, the food and the drinks and Bonnie...

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Reiki Classes in Guelph

A year ago, I probably wouldn't have thought that I was going to be teaching my Reiki classes in a new location. I had been very comfortable in my clinic and teaching location for more than 8 years. It was a little cramped when I taught a full class, but the homey...

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Acupuncture for Allergies

Acupuncture can really help with allergies.  Especially seasonal allergies! Now is the time to book a couple of appointments to help prevent allergy flare ups and ease runny noses, itchy eyes, and stuffy heads! If you’re worried about needles, Bonnie has other options...

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