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Healing the Layers

I have been a holistic practitioner for over 17 years now.

I have often found myself trying to explain how the different services I offer benefit people in different ways. In short, how the varying layers of healing can be addressed with different methods, and why I include energy work as much as I can in everything  I do.

I started out working mostly with energy work, using Reiki and other energy healing modalities, combined with intuitive healing. I worked on energetic and emotional/spiritual healing for my clients.

Over the years I have been continually adding to my toolset. I have added acupuncture, acupressure, laser acupuncture, electro acupuncture, meridian theory, cupping therapy, cosmetic cupping, heated stone massage and other trainings so numerous I can’t even remember them all anymore.

You could say that I  started on the outside and worked my way in, gradually becoming more physical and hands-on with my work.

The theory of starting on the outside and working inward is also a concept I teach in my classes. I explain that this is how the human energy field influences and interacts with the physical body. Disturbances or imbalances start in the energetic field and work their way in, until they physically manifest into illness or injury.

I will give some examples to explain how this can work:

1. You play baseball and you are hit by the ball, leaving a large and painful bruise. The bruise was caused by an external object entering your energy field and then colliding with your physical body. This is a very obvious example.

2. You commute to your desk job each day and sit for long hours. Your neck, shoulders, back and hips become tight and sore. Yes, of course the inactivity, confinement and cramped position is what causes your physical discomfort, but what energies or influences came into play to put you into this position?

Obviously, you need to earn a living. The energies of money and survival are prominent causes of your pain. You probably would work closer to home if an appropriate job was available, but forces (insert “energies”) beyond your control have not made this option available to you.

If you had a few spare minutes in your day, you would probably get up and move around or stretch more frequently, but the boss is over your shoulder, or you have  deadline to meet, so you sit too long and tighten up your muscles even more.

Maybe you have a performance review coming up or you are hoping for a promotion. All of these things can be thought of as circumstances, issues, etc, but they are also energies.

3. You are in a stressful relationship. You are in disagreements and arguments. You feel that you have tried everything to work out the issues, but nothing is working. You think you are going to have to end things. You are anxious, you are getting headaches, stomach aches and you can’t sleep.

In this case, there is no physical cause for the pain. The pain and disharmony is being caused by emotional stressors. This is another kind of energy. In this case, if the energy is not cleared or healed, the mental/emotional stress will eventually cause physical illness, such as IBS or chronic headaches.

Every physical thing, every circumstance, every thought and every emotion carries an energy.

Some energies are positive and energizing and some are more negative or draining.

Energy workers, work in the energetic field to clear negative energies and balance and harmonize the field. Then they invite positive energies to re-energize the field.

This may not bring immediate physical healing. It may not remove the bruise from the baseball, but it will help to remove the energy of the impact from your energetic field or your aura.

In example number 1, the injury is pretty simple and physical right? But is it really just physical? Perhaps being hit by a baseball is upsetting. Perhaps you were running the bases and about to go home and score a point, and the ball hit you making you lose the point.

Perhaps the next time you go out to play, you will hesitate, afraid of being hit again.

Perhaps it just hurts and it is frustrating because it is limiting you in your activities.

That simple, physical injury could be causing a lot of other disturbances.

Energy workers are adept at clearing those energies or stressors out of your field. So in the case of example number 1, an energy session could help alleviate the emotions of fear and frustration around the injury. Energy sessions are deeply relaxing. Deep relaxation eases muscular tension, helps to improve circulation and balance blood pressure. These benefits can help physical trauma to heal more quickly.

In example 2, there is a combination of physical and emotional stressors or energies going on. This person would benefit from physical therapies and energy sessions to work out the tight muscles and to ease the stress of their lifestyle and work life.

Energy work can also ease mental-emotional stress, so who knows? An energy session might just help our commuter to find creative ways to deal with their situation, or find the confidence to pursue a job closer to home.

In example 3, the cause of the disharmony is mostly mental-emotional stress. Physical therapy would still be beneficial. It is relaxing and stress reducing as well as being more direct, but my first response would be to help soothe the mental-emotional stress that started the whole issue in the first place. Supporting the person through the troubles in the relationship is the most helpful course of action. Chances are that the headaches, stomach aces etc may go away with the energy work alone.

In closing, I will reveal that all 3 of these examples are of people that I have worked with.

I feel fortunate that I get to see amazing things happen every day. Perhaps the most surprising things I have seen come from the energy work I started with so long ago.

The person from example 3 (the relationship issue) ended up getting rid of all physical pain in just one energy session, and the person from example 1 (the baseball bruise) and I sat in wonder as we watched the swelling and bruising on her leg shrink before our eyes in just one 20 minute acupuncture and energy session combined treatment.

This is why I always try to address every layer of healing when I work with people. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies are always connected and intertwined and we must try to be open to helping on all levels if we truly want to help people.



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