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Yes, Acupuncture Points Do Exist

acupuncture needlesSceptics of acupuncture will tell you that acupuncture points are imaginary spots that acupuncturists have made up, but we know better. Over time, science is slowly starting to back up the practice of acupuncture.

I like to ask people why millions of people in China and other eastern countries would participate in such a mass scam for thousands of years if they didn’t find the therapy was helpful, but that is just the common sense I was raised with. If something works; do it. If it doesn’t; don’t. That is enough for me.

I do also like to see the results of these studies. If you compared studies on the efficacy and safety of acupuncture to the efficacy and safety of drugs and surgery, you would probably find that acupuncture out-performs many of the allopathic treatments people have been undergoing for the last few decades. Remember, acupuncture has been in use for thousands of years. Modern medicine is a baby by comparison. I don’t want to slam modern medicine because I am truly thankful that it exists. In an emergency or for major health issues, of course you want a medical doctor.  I am constantly amazed by how our medical system is advancing, but in some cases, the side-effects outweigh the benefits, and looking for a less invasive therapy, like acupuncture, may be the answer.

The diagnostic capabilities of our medical system are amazing. In fact, it is the diagnostic technology we have today that is helping to confirm the existence of acupuncture points.

A skilled acupuncturist can locate your acupoints and even use them to aid in the diagnosis of imbalances in the body. For example, people are often surprised when I ask them if they have had bloating or gas by palpating a point on their leg, or if they are having PMS symptoms by touching their ankles. Some acupoints will be blocked, bumpy or overly full when certain discomforts are present in the body. That is why I am not surprised to read the article below, which shows that CT scans are verifying that the tissue at acupuncture points is different than other tissue. The microvascular density is more concentrated at the sites of acupuncture points. Read on below:

“In this study published in the Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, researchers used in-line phase contrast CT imaging with synchrotron radiation on both non-acupuncture points and acupuncture points.

The CT scans revealed clear distinctions between the non-acupuncture point and acupuncture point anatomical structures. Read more here…”

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