Acupuncture is a gentle and effective treatment to help ease symptoms of anxiety.

It seems we have an epidemic of anxiety in our society these days, and with good cause. We are bombarded on all sides with stressful situations. I won’t even bother going into “it.” I think we all know where our stress comes from.

With all of the issues we are faced with on a daily basis, it is no wonder people are developing anxiety. I have been treating children as young as 8 or 10 years of age with anxiety related symptoms the last few years. (For kids and needle phobic people, I can come up with alternatives to needles.) My take on all of this is that some sort of anxiety is a very normal reaction to the world we are currently living in. Even if you try to explain our stressors as a “first world problem,” our brains and our nervous systems are going to react to those stressors as if we are in danger. When the nervous system is convinced that we are in danger, it ramps up it’s response and we have anxiety.

You know the symptoms; tight neck and shoulders, rapid heart beat, shortness of breath, tight chest, stomach and digestive issues, tension headaches and more. I am a big believer in ruling out more serious issues, so if you have any of those symptoms, I recommend you see your Medical Doctor for tests to make sure that nothing more physical is going on. If your tests all come back “normal,” you know that you need to find ways to manage your stress.

That’s where acupuncture comes in.

When I insert acupuncture needles into your acupuncture points, your nervous system and your brain react to those needles by releasing relaxing endorphins. The endorphins flood through your body, helping you to release tension and bringing you back into homeostasis. Most people find some immediate relief and are able to manage their stress more easily for several days or even weeks after treatment.

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