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I have met only 1 person who I absolutely could not help with her headache pain. We tried several treatments and we just weren’t getting anywhere. I am so confident in the ability of acupuncture to reduce or eliminate headache pain, especially chronic headaches or migraines, that I wrote to the woman’s doctor, asking them to run tests and be sure that there wasn’t something more serious going on.

As it turned out, the headaches were a side effect of a very strong medication she was taking. When she stopped taking the medication, the headaches were finally alleviated.

There are many causes of headaches. A Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist will ask you several questions about the nature and location of your headache. We will try to discover the true cause of your headaches. Everyone is treated as a unique individual and we look at the whole person. To us, you are not a car with a malfunctioning part. Everything is a part of the whole.

Headaches and Migraines can be caused by several factors. They can be simply from stress and muscular tightness. These are actually my favourite kind of headaches to treat, as they are relatively easy to work with. I might do some acupuncture and maybe some cupping massage to loosen up the tight muscles. People usually have relief almost immediately.

Other causes of headaches can be hormonal or environmental. They can also be caused by lifestyle factors. For example, dehydration or food sensitivities, or exposure to certain substances.

Hormonal headaches are usually easy to identify as they tend to come at certain parts of a woman’s cycle. Once the pattern is identified, we plan our treatments to re-balance the hormonal system and find relief that way.

Some people get migraines or headaches when the weather shifts. We can do preventative treatment to support the body and stop it from reacting so negatively to the environmental shifts. Sometimes, our timing is good and you can get in to see me just before the weather shifts. I had a patient just last week who came to see me in the middle of a few days of thunder storms. Her headache had been running for 3 days. She could barely stand to drive or go outside. We had her fixed up in about half an hour.

I may not be able to guarantee that you will never have another headache, but I can sure help you to reduce your pain and get back to your life. Book an appointment here.

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