First the disclaimers – I cannot make specific claims that acupuncture will enhance or boost your immune health, but research is very much pointing in that direction. The current research and thousands of years of anecdotal experience are very encouraging. In these times, anything we can do to help our immune function is probably a good thing to do. I recommend a few acupuncture treatments as a preventative measure before or near the beginning of flu season every year.  This year would make it even more important to get your self-care going. These treatments can also be combined with cupping therapy, and you don’t have to have any specific injury to benefit from acupuncture or cupping treatments. All of the treatments I offer are stress reducing, relaxing and pain and inflammation reducing. Book online to get started today! Here are some links to research articles on acupuncture and immune health: Acupuncture and Immunity – Acupuncture Immune System Discovery – Acupuncture Modifies Immune Cells –

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