Acupuncture is an amazing tool to help manage hormonal imbalances.

I have ongoing success at helping people with irregular periods, heavy periods, missing periods, painful menstruation, PMS, infertility, PCOS, and more. I also see many patients for menopausal symptoms, like hot flashes, brain fog, sluggishness, and sleep disturbances.

I jokingly call myself, “The Period Whisperer.”

In fact, acupuncture is so good at helping people with hormonal issues, a common side effect of acupuncture treatment for other health problems is better menstrual cycles. I have numerous people who have come in for a totally different health problem and ended up having positive changes in their periods, or with their menopausal symptoms. IE they came in for headaches or neck pain and a few treatments in, they start asking if acupuncture could be making their menstrual cycles better, or their menopausal symptoms taper off.

This is because acupuncture, based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is focused on improving the overall balance of your body systems, and in correcting the root cause of your health problems. We look at the whole person, not just the part that is bothering you today. We take physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components of your make up into consideration when we work with you.

Don’t want to take my word for it? There are more studies being done every day to try to figure out why acupuncture works so well. Check out some of the links below, or go to my Resource page. 🙂

Acupuncture and women’s health: an overview of the role of acupuncture and its clinical management in women’s reproductive health

Efficacy of acupuncture on menstrual frequency in women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Various studies and articles re: Acupuncture for menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes.

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