Acupuncture for Vertigo and Tinnitus

Vertigo and Tinnitus are two conditions that acupuncture can help with.

Tinnitus is a condition in which a person perceives a buzzing or ringing sensation in the ears.

Vertigo is a condition in which a person has a lack of balance and dizziness. Some people experience both vertigo and tinnitus together, but they can also happen separately.

There are several perceived causes of vertigo and tinnitus, but in each individual case, it may be hard to tell what conditions or situations have lead to the problem. Some of the believed causes of include: tight neck muscles, headaches, head or neck injuries,  injury or malformations to the inner ear, wax buildup in the inner ear, exposure to loud noises, blood pressure irregularities, hormone fluctuations and excessive salt intake.

I say that these are perceived causes, because in some cases, people who suffer from these conditions and are not aware of any causal factor. They just wake up one day and have the condition.

As with any medical condition, if you believe you have tinnitus or vertigo, it is recommended that you see a medical doctor to confirm a diagnosis, and to check for any possible infection, injury or damage to your ears.

Acupuncture will not harm you if you have an infection or injury to your ear, but it would be important for your acupuncturist to be informed of what symptoms you have, so they will know how to address your condition.

Acupuncture helps to manage or eliminate the symptoms of these conditions by reducing inflammation, increasing blood and oxygen flow to the related tissues and balancing the body.  For instance, if the condition is related to an imbalance of hormones, acupuncture can help to restore balance. If the inflammation or injury is the causal factor, acupuncture helps to get those issues under control too. Reducing inflammation and relaxing tight muscles can even help in the case of excessive wax buildup, as when the muscles around the head and neck are relaxed, drainage of the ears is more efficient.

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If you have tinnitus or vertigo, you should give acupuncture a try!

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