Bonnie’s Balms


Bonnie creates all-natural herbal balms. These balms are preservative free and therefore do not stand up well to shipping. They can be purchased and picked up at Pathways Healing in Guelph. More info on care and use of balms below:

Please contact Bonnie to arrange pick up and payment.


Bonnie’s Pain Balm


Rub on sore muscles or joints to soothe aches and pains.

Ingredients: Bee’s wax, olive oil, arnica, comfrey, essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus


Bonnie’s Bite Balm

Great for  insect bites, excema and dry itchy skin!


Rub this balm on insect bites, excema, and dry skin to soothe itching!

Ingredients: Bee’s wax, olive oil, plantain, essential oils of tea tree and peppermint

Bonnie’s Lip Balm


Bonnie made her lip balm because she was tired of lip care products that left her lips dryer than they were before she used them! This lip balm is the bomb!

Ingredients: Bee’s wax, coconut oil, essential oil of peppermint

 Bonnie’s Bug BeGone

Safe for pets and kids!

(Returning in the spring, or if you’re travelling somewhere tropical, let Bonnie know a few days ahead of time and she can make you a bottle to take with you!)


Ingredients: Water, essential oils of lemon, tea tree and eucalyptus

Balm Info:

Keep balms in a cool place. Room temperature is fine.

It is okay to put them in the fridge, but they will get very hard and difficult to spread. In hot weather the balms may liquefy. They will solidify once they cool off. They are still okay to use after this. These products are all-natural and will eventually go off. Keeping them cool will extend their shelf life.  It is suggested that you keep them in a zip-lock bag if travelling.

It is normal to see bits of plant matter in the balms. These are the herbs that were used to make the balm, but if you see mold, or if the balms get lumpy or smell bad, discontinue use and discard.

Suggested shelf life: 6 months if not kept cool, 1 year if kept cool.

All balms contain bee’s wax.

Bug Spray Info:

This repellant is all natural, but the essential oils are very strong. Use outdoors.

A few sprays on exposed skin and once or twice down the back of the body should do the trick. For small children: spray the balm on your hands and quickly wipe. Keep away from the face and try not to let them inhale the spray.

If a wipe down is not keeping the bugs off, give a spray or 2 down the back.

For animals: give one or two sprays down the back of neck and spine. Try not to let them inhale or get in eyes.

Note: Every effort is made to provide safe and positive products, but please be aware that all products are “use at your own risk”. Discontinue use if rash or discomfort occurs. If there is no improvement in your symptoms after 2 weeks, please seek medical care. Please see a qualified health professional for any ailment or medical condition you may have.