This one has taken a lot of contemplation!
People have been contacting me asking for Reiki classes. At first I thought that this was impossible. How could I have a group of strangers come together and touch each other?
Private classes also seemed to be unsafe. I didn’t want to spend a whole day in a room with someone. We would need to eat and drink together, use the washrooms etc. It just didn’t feel safe.
Then I heard the echo of my own words from my master level classes. I remembered the part where I tell my students, “You don’t have to teach Reiki the same way I do. You don’t have to do organized classes with a group of people. You can be creative.”
Hmmm. Could it be time to practice what I preach?
Reiki is such a valuable self-help tool. I should be finding ways to get it to people in this time of stress and challenge. Many people don’t realize that you can do Reiki on yourself as well as on others. It is a very good way to help with stress and anxiety.
So, I began to think of new ways to teach Reiki. I wanted it to be ethical and complete training. I wanted the students to have the chance to practice at an in-person session and have the guidance of their teacher. I personally do not feel I can certify a student without seeing them practice.
I already had several youtube videos with tips for Reiki students. I have already written the manuals.
A plan began to come together in my mind. I made some more videos to fill in any gaps in the information students would need. They may not be the most beautiful and professional videos, but they will get the information out there. One of them even has my dog Hunter as a guest star!

Level 1 and Level 2 are ready to go. I hope to have the Master level ready in a few weeks.

Here is what I have created to teach a Covid Safe Reiki class:

  • Classes will be private or semi-private.
    (Private: $300, Semi-private: $225 per person)
  • There will be an online/home-study component and an in-person session.
    Contact Bonnie to register, pay your class fee and receive your materials.
  • Study the manual and watch the demo videos at home, then schedule the in-person section.
  • Schedule your in-person session with Bonnie via email.
    Session will be approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.
    Bonnie will give you your touch-free attunement and guide you in your practice time.
  • Covid Precautions:
  • Private students need to bring a friend from their own “bubble” to practice on.
    Semi-private students (2 to 4 people) must all be from the same “bubble.”
  • Masks must be worn at all times during the in-person session.
    A health screening will be done on all participants before the session.
    Hand sanitizing and handwashing 
    will be done throughout the session.
    The room, tables, chairs, door handles and all high touch surfaces will be disinfected frequently.

Contact Bonnie if you are interested in signing up!

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