Cupping for Friends and Family

This is a course designed to teach some basic cupping techniques for use on friends and family.

Watch Bonnie’s video about this course here!

If you’re not really into learning this in a group setting, that’s okay too! Bonnie also provides Personal Coaching in how to do cupping at home. Contact her to arrange a time. Bonnie has cups available for sale on the website here.

Cupping has been in use for thousands of years. There are carvings of cups on the pyramids in Egypt and drawings and depictions of cupping from Asia, India, Europe and North America.

Bonnie has met many people from Europe, Asia, the Middle East the Philippines and from South America who remember a family member who would use cupping on them when they were sick or if they had tight muscles. This ancient and effective modality is something that has only recently been forgotten as a home remedy.

Cups would originally have been made from animal horns, bamboo, shells, hollowed out stones, brass etc. Modern equipment is flexible and easy to use. With basic instruction from a qualified teacher, you can easily use cupping at home.

Note: this training does not qualify you to become a cupping practitioner. It is strictly for home use.

We will learn how to do a cupping treatment on the back to help with colds, flu, sore muscles and detoxification.

Please be aware that we will be practicing on each other in class, so you need to be comfortable with having a stranger work on your bare back.  Every effort will be made to ensure your privacy with sheets and towels.

Also, be sure you have rest time built into your schedule after the class. We may need to practice on each other more than one time. Cupping is detoxifying, so you could feel tired and a bit achy the day after class as toxins are pulled from your system. This is a positive side effect! Rest, lots of fluids and salt water baths can help to ease this process.

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Pre-register at least 2 weeks in advance to receive 10% off.

Cost: $100 plus HST

Important note: Cupping is not a replacement for medical care. Those who are physically weak or frail may not be suited to cupping therapy. Those who are pregnant, undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or treatment for any severe disease such as liver or kidney failure should not do cupping. If you are unsure if cupping is right for you, please check with a medical professional or contact Bonnie before registering.



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Bonnie Adam is a Registered Acupuncturist, a cupping therapist and a Reiki Master and intuitive healer. She also teaches a variety of workshops including Reiki and cupping therapy.

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