Cupping for Professionals

These certificate cupping massage courses were created specifically for professional practitioners such as Registered Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Physiotherapists, Registered Nurses, Naturopathic Doctors, Personal Support Workers, Personal Trainers and other health care professionals and massage and body workers.

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Some knowledge of anatomy and experience treating people in a clinical environment is necessary to participate.

Cupping is the latest and greatest trend, which is interesting because it is actually an ancient technique that has been made popular by celebrities and athletes like Michael Phelps and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Professional practitioners need to be able to offer cupping therapy to better serve clients and keep up with demand. Having this skill will help you to build your practice and keep clients coming back for more!

Plus, it is easy on the practitioner, so it will help you to extend your career – not to mention that it can give you the CEU’s you need to keep current in your field.

There are 3 classes in the series:

What students are saying about the Professional Cupping Classes!

“I had the opportunity of attending Bonnie’s class “cupping for professionals” this past weekend. Fantastic class!
Bonnie is an incredible teacher she spends lots of time sharing information, giving you a step by step information booklet so all you have to do is listen her experience which she shares so freely
She brought in some wonderful volunteers so we could all see,touch and ask questions both to Bonnie and the volunteer .. then we were given plenty of time to give and receive a treatment…. perfect amount of time for information laughs and munchies here and there … I’ve attend many classes in my years as a practitioner and by far this was one of the best … thank you so much Bonnie”
Lisa Loder, Registered Massage Therapist
“Just wanted to say a big big THANK YOU again for an amazing cupping class this weekend.  Your kind heart and caring soul shines through and I am blessed to be taught by such an amazing and integrous woman.  Keep shining!!!
Kerri Bailey, Registered Massage Therapist


Cupping for the Back(level 1)
Full Body Cupping (level 2)
(includes abdomen, legs, arms, shoulders, and gluteals and cupping for cellulite)
Facial Cupping


Each class includes:

A manual covering all of the techniques learned in class

Detailed instruction from an experienced practitioner and teacher

A small group learning environment with lots of practice time

10% off your first purchase of cupping supplies at Pathways Healing

A professional listing on the resources section of this website


Cupping for the Back covers:

  • Background info on cupping, how it is used and conditions to treat
  • Contraindications and safety tips for all ages and body types
  • Cupping on the back for detoxification, immune system enhancement and tight muscles
  • Myofacial release with cupping
  • Lymphatic drainage techniques
  • Practice time
  • Cost: $200 plus hst (10% off early bird discount)

Full Body Cupping covers:
Prerequisite: You must have completed the Cupping for the Back class to participate in the Full Body Cupping class.

  • Abdominal cupping to help alleviate gas, bloating and constipation
  • Cupping for shoulders, arms, legs and gluteal muscles for sports injuries, muscle tightness, and cellulite smoothing
  • Myofacial release with cupping
  • Lymphatic drainage techniques for the whole body
  • Practice time
  • Cost: $200 plus hst (10% off early bird discount)

Facial Cupping covers:
No prerequisite, you can sign up for the Facial Cupping class only, you don’t need to complete the other classes beforehand.

  • Background info on facial cupping and how to perform it
  • Contraindications and safety tips
  • Facial, neck and upper chest cupping for cosmetic use and for sinus conditions, TMJ, stiff neck and headache relief
  • Myofacial release with facial, neck and upper chest
  • Lymphatic drainage techniques for face, neck and upper chest
  • Access to the Facial Cupping Home Study Course private facebook support group
  • Practice time
  • Cost: $120 plus hst (10% off early bird discount)

Please be aware that we will be practicing on each other in class. Cupping can trigger a mild detoxification, so be sure you have rest time built into your schedule after the class. You could feel tired and a bit achy the day after class as toxins are pulled from your system. This is a positive side effect! Rest, lots of fluids and salt water baths can help to ease this process.
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Important note: Cupping is not a replacement for medical care. Those who are physically weak or frail may not be suited to cupping therapy. Those who are pregnant, undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or treatment for any severe disease such as liver or kidney failure should not do cupping.

If you are unsure if this course is right for you, contact Bonnie before registering.

For more info, check out the video below:
Please note: Cups are no longer included in the cost of the course, but a 10% discount is available for anyone who wishes to purchase cups on the day of the class. 

Who Is Bonnie?

Bonnie Adam is a Registered Acupuncturist, a cupping therapist and a Reiki Master and intuitive healer. She also teaches a variety of workshops including Reiki and cupping therapy.

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