Lately I have had a few people apologizing to me for unloading their problems when they come into my office.I would like to reassure everyone that it is a totally normal part of my day. My first impulse is always to say that I am not a counsellor, but I am a good listener.

Most of the therapies I offer, help with emotional balance and well-being. Traditional Eastern Medicine views the emotions and the mental state of the person as a part of the whole. When I treat you with acupuncture or with energy work, I am taking those aspects of your health into account when I decide on a treatment plan for you.  So, it is actually helpful to me as a practitioner, when you share what is happening with your mental/emotional self.

On top of that, I actually feel honoured when people feel safe enough with me to share details of their personal lives. And not to worry, after over 20 years in practice, I am very good at letting go of all that negativity after you leave. Also, to reassure everyone, I keep everything you share with me confidential, so I am someone you can trust with your inner thoughts. If you need someone to listen, I am your girl.

Lastly, give yourselves a break! Even before Covid hit, we have been living in a very stressful world for a long time. It is totally normal to feel overwhelmed and to “lose it” once in a while. I get it. I feel that way too sometimes!

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