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Energy Healer Intensive Workshop

Price per workshop: $333​

Classes held at Pathways Healing
350 Speedvale Ave. W. Unit 11
Guelph, On

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Energy Healer Intensive Workshop

Professional Development for Energy Workers!

This class is for energy workers who wish to deepen their practice. It is recommended that you have some basic training in energy work before taking this class. Eg. Level 1 Reiki.

Do you want to feel more confident as an energy worker?
Are you looking to deepen your connection to spirit and feel more connected to your intuition?
Do you sometimes feel stuck, or like you are looking for more options and techniques to integrate into your practice?
Do you want to feel stronger and avoid feeling drained when you work with others?
Or, do you feel like you need to have more practice time before you open up your doors to the public?

Keep reading, you’re going to like this!

Energy Healer Intensive Workshop

Bonnie Adam is a registered acupuncturist, a certified cupping therapist and a Reiki Master and Energy Healer with over 20 years of experience in energy work.
She has taught classes and workshops in energy healing, intuition development, sound healing, Reiki, acupressure, aura reading, cupping therapy and more. She also worked for over 15 years as a professional psychic. Helping others to guide themselves through life.

Bonnie finds that practitioners on their healing journey, often train in many certificate courses in various kinds of energy healing. They dabble in many different modalities, trying to find the common theme or the one modality that “clicks” for them, to make them feel more confident as a healer.


She herself is trained in several different kinds of energy healing. Every new modality is a learning experience. Each one has a positive effect and helps the practitioner to gain more knowledge and experience, but you can find yourself spending a lot of time and energy running around trying every new modality out there. The truth is – the real secret to energy healing comes from within! You don’t need another guru to fill your head with any more rules or complicated theories and ideas.

In all of her work, Bonnie strives to encourage people to find their own way. She prefers to help people to find the answers within themselves, rather than just give them the answers. Her belief is that each person needs to find their own way in order for the magic to happen. People usually just need a few nudges and a safe environment to practice in, not another certificate to hang on the wall.

In her own teaching, Bonnie has felt that some students can feel rushed. Our lives are all busy. It is hard to take time away from work and family for training. She didn’t want to make her current classes any longer than they already were. Trying to do too much in one workshop can also lead to overwhelm and confusion for newer students.
Out of all of this, the need for a new workshop began to take root in Bonnie’s consciousness. She could feel the energies surrounding her asking her to create a new way to help people to move forward with confidence and ease. One thing stuck with her very clearly. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive for people to blossom as healers.
She wanted something with more practice time. More time to work on new techniques and more space for students to work on each other and gain valuable feedback.
She wanted to help healers to learn how to stand firm in their own power. To learn how to give to others without draining themselves or taking on the energy of others.
What she didn’t want was to create yet another system of energy healing. There are already dozens of modalities out there. If you have ever attended one of Bonnie’s workshops, you may have heard her say, “Energy is Energy is Energy!”
Bonnie hopes that this explains how the Energy Healer Intensive class was born and why it has been created the way it is.
In this class Bonnie will provide an environment where students can learn techniques to:

  • Clear space
  • Get grounded!
  • Enhance their personal power
  • Maintain their energy to keep up with the challenges of being a healer
  • Deal with more challenging clients
  • Release cords, attachments, negative energies and entities
  • Cleanse the energy field or aura of deeper issues
  • Charge an instrument for healing (crystals, wands, sound instruments)
  • Practice in a fun and safe environment and hang out with fellow healers!
Energy Healer Intensive Workshop

The cost of this workshop is kept as low as possible to allow more healers the opportunity to attend.
A “pay what you can” or barter option is also available for a limited number of participants per class.
Cost: $333
Things to bring:

  • Yourself
  • An open mind and heart
  • A water bottle and a lunch
  • Stories to share and questions to ask
  • Any instruments you would like to work with in class (crystals, wands, sound instruments)
  • Comfortable clothes and indoor shoes or slippers
  • • A manual will be emailed to registrants approximately 1 week before the class


PLEASE NOTE: For our Workshops and Professsional classes, a spot in the class will not be held until full registration and payment is completed.
No Refunds.
No exchanges.
In the event that Pathways Healing cancels a class, full refunds will be issued.

Registration can be completed online by following the links on the workshop pages, or by using the contact information provided on the Upcoming Events page.





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