For a limited time only!

Do you want to learn how to do Facial Cupping for yourself at home?

Arrange a party with Bonnie!

Minimum 4 guests, maximum 10. Hostess attends for FREE!

Bonnie will come to your house. You supply the guests, the food and the drinks and Bonnie will supply the cups. We will all sit down and learn how to do personal Facial Cupping.

$100 per person, includes:
-Demonstration, instruction and practice time so you can learn Facial Cupping! (Don’t worry, it’s easy!)
-Membership in the Facebook Support Group. So if you forget your instructions, you can use the video tutorial and get support.
-A set of Facial Cups
-Your first bottle of fractionated Coconut Oil (feels so nice on your skin)

What is Facial Cupping you ask?

It is a gentle and safe massage method for your face, neck and chest to reduce fine lines, improve blood flow and collagen production and make you look and feel great! You get an instant mini face lift! (Results may vary)

Check out the video to see how Facial Cupping works!

Safe Cupping Techniques
Facial Cupping Online Course for Personal Use