60 min Facial Massage with Lisa Loder RMT
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This is NOT a spa facial where you receive a deep cleaning, this massage manipulates the soft tissue to increase blood flow and rejuvenate your appearance .

The treatment includes work on your chest, upper shoulders , neck, scalp and of course, your face.

Massage – gentle massage – pulling, rolling and picking up your skin to relax the muscles and bring fresh blood and oxygen to give you a youthful appearance.

Essential oils are also used to increase relaxation .

You can have just the massage or we can add some tools

Cups facial cups are like a reverse massage, moving trapped fluid and softening the muscles . Facial cups do not leave circles on your face.

Guasha – gentle stroking of the skin to move pockets of fluid which decreases puffiness

Hot stone – gentle gliding of the heated stones on your face , shoulders and neck to decrease tension and increase relaxation.

You can pick one or two of these extra tools to go with your massage

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