News from Bonnie:

My Tentative Return to Work After surgery: 
I am hoping that I will be returning to my private clinic in the last week of October.
I will contact those whose appointments were canceled back in August first, and I will be very part time for the first few weeks.
I will probably NOT be accepting NEW patients until 2023.

Working from Home
I may not be on my feet in clinic, but my fingers still work. I am still helping to plan and organize clinic days at Affordable Acupuncture Plus and, I am organizing another Health and Wellness Fair for Hope House!

The next Health and Wellness Fair for Hope House will be held alongside The Joy Home Tour. 
The tour features several homes that are beautifully decorated for the holidays.

Participants are welcomed back to Hope House for refreshments and we will be on hand with holiday gift items and FREE mini-treatments.

So far I have practitioners offering Reiki, acupuncture, chair massage, sound healing, and chiropractic care. 

I have room for a few more vendors. Please get in touch if you have something to offer!

Hope House is also selling special VIP tickets, which include a limo-driven tour, dinner, swag bags and champagne!

The combined event will be held on:
November 19th
10am to 3pm
Hope House, 10 Cork St. Guelph
 is a request for a food or hygiene item donation to Hope House
Participate in one or both events. Whatever you prefer.

Help Spread the Word?
Do you have a bulletin board or a place to put out post cards to spread the word for Hope House? Please let me know if you can help!

NEW Fee structure
I have been in practice with energy work for over 20 years now, and with acupuncture for almost 12 years. In that time, I have not changed my model of care.
There are some kinds of appointments that take more time and energy, cleaning of equipment etc.
I have been going over a few things while I have been home and have decided that I need to make it more fair and equitable for both you, my clients, and for myself.
My goal is to make the flow of my days in the clinic more efficient, but to be sure not to compromise the quality of care I offer.
I have always added a little Reiki and energy work to my acupuncture appointments at no extra charge, and I will continue to do so.
I find it helps to deepen the effectiveness of the treatments, and it helps people to feel relaxed and calm.
Cupping therapy and gua sha are amazing tools that I love to utilize for deeper, more physical treatments, but they are more physically taxing on me as a therapist and they require more cleaning and disinfecting time.
They also cost me more as I need to purchase high level disinfection supplies, and maintain equipment.
I feel it is unfair to those who have a simple acupuncture treatment to pay the same amount as someone who has a longer and more complicated treatment.
So, I am instituting a slight decrease for the cost of a basic acupuncture appointment, and a slight increase for a treatment that incorporates cupping, gua sha, or massage techniques etc.
If you feel that you wish to change the type of appointment you are booking, please feel free to let me know.
There are going to be more options available in the online booking as well.
Please don’t worry if you make any mistakes when booking. We can always sort things out as we all get used to the new format.
So, with all that in mind, when I return to the clinic, my new fee structure will look like this:

Initial Consultation: 75 minutes ———————————- $120
Follow up acupuncture: 30 minutes —————————— $80
Acupuncture, with Cupping or Gua Sha45 minutes ——- $90
Full Body Cupping with Gua Sha: 
60 minutes —————–$99
Facial Cupping:
30 minutes —————————————– $80
Cosmetic Acupuncture:
60 minutes —————————— $99
30 minutes —————————————————$60
Acupressure/Meridian/Hot Stone Massage:
 60 minutes – $105
Reiki/Energy work:
60 minutes ————————————–$95
Reiki/Energy work
: 30 minutes ————————————–$65

For any appointment, the time period refers to the actual treatment time on the table. Please give yourself an extra 15 minutes or so for updates, payment and booking. 

Classes and Workshops!
I am planning to start teaching again soon. This will depend on finding suitable teaching space.
Check the workshops page on my site, or keep your eyes open for newsletter updates.
I will be scheduling Reiki Classes and Cupping Therapy Classes in early 2023.

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