What can you do to get the most out of your treatments?

  1. Don’t wait! The longer you wait to get in for treatment, the harder it is going to be to undo whatever damage you have done. This includes acute injuries and chronic or long term issues. Book NOW! 
  2. Keep your appointments! When we recommend a course of treatment, we will ask questions about your habits, work, lifestyle, what other treatments you are using etc. We will recommend a treatment plan based on that information. I cannot emphasize enough that if you don’t stick to the plan, you are wasting your money and everyone’s time. You will backslide if you don’t keep your appointments. Our schedules are busy and we are not often going to be able to accommodate last minute changes.
  3. How long have you had the condition? A very rough rule of thumb is that you will need at least one treatment for every month of time you have been in pain. Most people need at least a few treatments up front to get their condition under control and then a gradual decrease of treatments over a few months. If you are in chronic pain, or constantly reinjuring yourself through work or sports, you may find you need to be on a long term maintenance plan.
  4. Are you over 40? Bodies tend to heal less quickly with age. Sorry folks, some things won’t just go completely away anymore. Depending on your lifestyle, genetics and general health, you may want to think about regular treatments to ward off injuries, pain and inflammation.
  5. Do you value natural health care over drugs and surgery? We will do our best to use natural approaches to health and wellness, but we are happy to work alongside more conventional medical approaches. Sometimes you need both systems of care to be in optimal health. The diagnostic information from medical professionals can also help us to zero in on your issues.
  6. We are not magicians. We are helpers. We cannot undo decades of damage in an hour. Do your follow-up care and stretches at home. Hydrate. Try to keep a balanced lifestyle and we can work together to keep you feeling your best.
  7. Relax. Stress is one of the number one causes of illness. Do whatever self-care you find helpful. Take a walk, find time for quiet. Give yourself a break.
Book an appointment now at my private clinic or at Affordable Acupuncture.
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