Do you want a therapist who understands chronic pain?
Someone who knows what it is like to push through the pain every day and keep on living the best life they can?
Do you want someone who knows what it is like to face surgery and recovery?
This is me.
This is a picture of my foot.
Doing a little acupuncture on my lunch break so I can keep working.
I have been where you are. I am where you are.
I was born with the most severe case of club-feet ever seen at Sick Kid’s Hospital back in the late 60’s. I went through 4 surgeries before the age of 12. I wore casts, braces and orthotic shoes for most of my childhood.
There are life-long complications and issues, not limited to the development of osteoarthritis in my knees and hips.
Every therapy I offer to you, I have tried myself. I know what works and what doesn’t from personal experience.
I can help you manage your pain and keep you active and kicking ass!
I understand. Let’s do this!
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