At this time, I have decided to let go of my Canadian Reiki Association membership. At the end of July 2020, I will no longer be a member.
I have recently learned they are no longer allowing their members to combine Reiki with other therapies, like acupuncture.
That is pretty much my whole practice, so I cannot, in good faith, sign their code of ethics and continue to do what I do.
I will slowly be removing the “RT-CRA” from all of my materials.
I do believe in the work that the Canadian Reiki Association does and wish them well, but I cannot continue to practice with such restrictions.
There is no regulation on the practice or teaching of Reiki. I will still be practicing. The registration with a professional body is merely a way to show clients that you have some legitimacy. After almost 20 years in the field, I think I can manage.
I am not sure if/when I will return to teaching.
One thing Covid has taught me is that I have been living with constant burnout for several years.
I am slowing things down, at least for the near future.
All things change, and I have learned never to say never. Who knows what the next few months will bring? Especially in these strange times!
I do know that we will get through it all and we pretty much always end up stronger and wiser after each challenge life throws at us.
Be well my friends!

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