A year ago, I probably wouldn’t have thought that I was going to be teaching my Reiki classes in a new location. I had been very comfortable in my clinic and teaching location for more than 8 years. It was a little cramped when I taught a full class, but the homey feeling and the convenience of my little office on Cardigan Street in Guelph was so comfortable, I hadn’t thought much about changing things up.

The thing is, everything changes.

Several things have changed for me in the last year. There were several good-bye’s and some big hello’s! One of the big hello’s was an opportunity to move my clinic to a busy wellness centre. I was tentative at first, but I dipped my toe into the waters over at Norfolk Chiropractic Wellness Centre. I had been a patient there for more years than I could remember. I knew the office staff were top-notch and I felt I had an easy friendship with the owner.

I have been in business for myself in one form or another for close to 25 years. Being self-employed for that longs teaches you to be resourceful and independent. You have to learn to roll with things a little.

You also have to learn when you could use a little help. I recognized very quickly that the move to the new clinic was helping me, by taking away some of the little tasks that I had been solely responsible for, and by helping with the marketing end of my in-clinic business. This has left me with more space in my brain to think of other things.

The next obvious step was to give up my home-away-from-home on Cardigan St. Paying rent on a space that you are not using doesn’t make much sense. I miss my co-workers at the old building. I will have to work at keeping those friendships flourishing. You don’t spend 8 years working alongside someone and just walk away from it. I am very grateful for the love and support I had at my old office.

Some things can change and still be the same. At the new clinic, I still feel that I am very much appreciated and supported.   

Now, to get to the point of the post, since I gave up my old office space, I needed to find a new place to teach my Reiki classes. I have arranged to rent a space at Ignatius Jesuit Centre. The Centre is a beautiful, sacred site, just north of Guelph.

The class will be in a large and airy room, with a bay window overlooking the grounds. The grounds include an organic farm, an orchard and lovely trails through pine and cedar forests. I went to a hike there today as you can see by the photo included with this post.

This will be a good change too. Imagine coming to a Reiki class in a building full of healers, on sacred ground in the beautiful countryside. The lunch break can now include a peaceful walk on the trail.

I still don’t know how my Reiki classes are going to change, but I trust that the transformation will be beautiful.

If you’re coming to one of my upcoming Reiki classes, you may want to bring some warm clothes and boots to walk the trails.

If anyone needs transportation out to the Centre, please get in touch with me before the class. I could always use some extra hands to help set up!

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”

Roy T. Bennett

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