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Watch the video to see Bonnie flipping through the manuals to show you what is covered in each book!

Looking for a great Reiki resource?

You are in the right place!
Bonnie Adam has been practicing and teaching Reiki for 20 years. She is a Tibetan-Usui and Registered Karuna Reiki Master, certified with the Canadian Reiki Association. Bonnie is also a Registered Acupuncturist and a Certified Cupping Therapist, and she has poured all of her experience into these Reiki manuals!

These manuals are straight forward. They include all of the little extras you want for your Reiki experience, without adding too many extra concepts that can be confusing for a newcomer. They have all been professionally edited, so the messages are clear and concise.

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Are you a Reiki teacher who has been looking for the perfect teaching manual for your classes? Or, are you just someone who is curious and wants to know more about Reiki? Either way, these books are an amazing resource for you.

Reiki teachers!

  • How many times have you been teaching your class and all of the info you want to cover is not in the manual you are using?
  • Are you photocopying hand-outs on chakras, auras and grounding the night before the class?
  • Is the information you have been using in some crazy order, so you are constantly flipping back and forth through the books to figure what you are teaching next?

Let us help you out!

  • These books are complete.
  • The information is presented in a logical order. This is probably the way you would teach your class anyways.
  • All you have to do is follow along in the manual and cover all of the topics listed there.
  • If you go through these manuals page by page, your class is going to be easy and complete.

Curious Souls!

  • These books are for you too!
  • Are you looking for a quick and easy way to understand more about this interesting topic?
  • Perhaps you’re interested in taking a class.
  • Maybe you have already taken a class and you are looking for more Reiki resources.
  • Learn more about Reiki from someone who does it every day!
Feedback from another Reiki Master about these manuals:
“I love teaching with your words because I can hear you talking. You’re the best!!!”

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