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Bonnie Adam has cupping therapy supplies, and several online courses and E-books to help you relax, feel better and get in touch with your inner self.

All of these products have been tried and tested in live classes or in Bonnie’s clinic over the years.

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Reiki Manuals

Available in e-book or in spiral-bound-printed copies!

Complete and easy-to-follow Reiki Manuals for Level One, Two and Master.

Written by Bonnie Adam, Usui-Tibetan and Registered Karuna Reiki Master with over 15 years of experience.

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Facial Cupping Home Study Course


On sale!


(cups, tax and shipping included)

Look and feel great!

Learn to do facial cupping at home!

Follow the video tutorial with your own set of professional quality facial cups. Plus, you will be invited to join the support group on facebook for extra tips!

You’ll be amazed at the results.

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Cupping for Cellulite
-Online Course 


On sale now!

(cups, tax and shipping included)

Smooth those unsightly bumps and tone your arms and legs with cupping therapy!

Online course with video tutorial to help you safely and effectively cup at home!

Rumour has it the ancient Egyptians used this method to look and feel great!

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Cupping Supplies

Pathways Healing has several different types of professional quality cups for sale.


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Bonnie also provides training in cupping therapy. 


Acupressure for Personal Wellbeing!


Use acupressure to help balance your energy, relieve pain and feel better!

Easy to download

Learn a few simple acupressure protocols that can help you to get through the day!

Simple diagrams and charts that anyone can follow. Plus, access to videos you can use to help you make sure you really have the right points!

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 Spiritual Simplicity Meditations
Four brief,easy to follow meditations

These meditations were created to help those who struggle with visualizing and staying focused during meditation. They are 10 to 15 minutes each, so even if you are short on time, you can experience the benefits of meditation.Click here to purchase or for more info!

 Introduction to
Aura Reading

A complete guide to help you learn to read and interpret Auras.

Easy to download PDF manual. Amaze your friends and family with your ability to tune into their aura!Click here to purchase or for more info!
 The Work-Day Stress-Buster Meditation
Would you like to try a simple mindfulness method to help you ease stress and feel more focused and in control?
This meditation will do the trick for you!Click here to purchase or for more info!

Bonnie Adam has taught Reiki, self-help workshops and psychic development workshops and classes for over 15 years and has seen how much comfort and self-confidence these skills bring to others.

Note: Every effort is made to present information in a safe and positive way, but please be aware that all products are “use at your own risk” products. 

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