Facial Cupping Home Study Course

Please note – This is a home study course for personal use. It is not an online training course or certificate course.
Bonnie provides in-person training for professional practitioners.
She may be able to travel to provide training, provided there are enough students to cover the cost.



Facial cupping therapy is a relaxing and rejuvenating technique that can take years off of your appearance. When done properly, it is a safe and effective method of toning the muscles of the face, bringing more circulation to the tissues and stimulating the production of collagen.

I provide cosmetic therapies at my clinic in Guelph, but you may not be from this area, or maybe you’re ready to try this for yourself at home. Whatever the reasons, why not find out more? Keep reading and watch the videos below to see what this is all about.


When you come to see me for cosmetic therapies, I am going to ask you to come back multiple times. I usually suggest that you come once a week for 6 to 8 weeks, and then come in monthly or so for upkeep after that. This can really add up fast!

I understand that not everyone has that kind of time or money. That is why I am constantly trying to figure out ways to make you feel better and help you out. Sometimes that means I need to teach you how to care for yourself, instead of asking you to keep coming back for appointments.

That is why I designed this home study course for you!

For a one time investment, you get your own set of  high quality cups and a link to a secured video.

You follow along with the video and learn this amazing, rejuvenating anti-aging technique.  

The information I will provide will coach you in how to safely and effectively perform personal facial cupping therapy.

 Eventually, you won’t need the video anymore and you will be able to do facial cupping just about anywhere.

I do it in the shower!

Here’s what you get with this home study course:

  • A brief e-book with a few tips on facial cupping and little things, like how to care for your cups
  • A set of 2 silicone facial cups (See picture below…please allow 1 to 3 weeks for shipping)
  • A link to the secure video so you can follow along and start your own facial cupping program at home
  • An invitation to join our Facial Cupping Home Study Group on Facebook. On this page I provide free tips and answer questions about facial cupping.

And that is all you need to get started!

Everyone is slightly different. Whether you are having facial cupping with a professional or doing it at home yourself, results can vary. 

Note: Those who are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or treatment for any severe disease, such as liver or kidney disease should not do facial cupping. Use facial cupping at your own risk. Cupping is not a replacement for medical care. Please see a qualified health professional for any ailment or medical condition you may have. Check with your doctor if you are unsure if you should use facial cupping.

How much is all of this going to cost? 

 The cost is very reasonable, considering what you would pay for even one treatment with a professional like me. Not to mention the free support you can get through the facebook group!


Here is the price tag:

This course is going to change your life

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Need more info?

Watch the videos below to see my demo of cupping therapy and to see me talk about this course.


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Bonnie Adam is a Registered Acupuncturist, a cupping therapist and a Reiki Master and intuitive healer. She also teaches a variety of workshops including Reiki and cupping therapy.

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