As someone who has been part of the holistic world for over 20 years. I would like to say this:

You can be spiritual without falling into the negative, controlling side of the new age movement.

You can be a light worker without believing in the conspiracy theories.

You can enjoy the positive energies of crystals, essential oils and such, without believing they are magical cure-alls.

You can meditate, align your chakras and search for spiritual guidance without accepting criticism from others who don’t understand your inner workings.

You can search for the balance between the light and the darkness within, without spewing your judgement on those who choose a different path.

Your journey is your own. You don’t have to choose a camp. You don’t have to scream your inner-most thoughts from the mountain tops in order for them to be valid. Neither do you have to hide yourself and your beliefs because some in the holistic community have stolen bits and pieces of your life philosophy to support their crazy and self-serving agendas.

There is a place in the real world for us and there is a balance that can be had between being a spiritual soul and being grounded on earth. This is our home. The people here are our family, and this is where we have to live out our days.

The answers, as I tell myself daily, are not on a screen. They are inside, or maybe outside, and all around us. None of us know them all. We’re not supposed to know them all. We are supposed to keep putting one foot in front of the other. We are meant to explore and enjoy this life. What someone else thinks or feels about us is not our business, and it doesn’t really matter.

The one answer I do have, is that we should try our best to show kindness, to ourselves and to each other.


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