I am truly grateful for the lovely words of thanks and encouragement from my clients below.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am unable to post any testimonials about acupuncture services on my website as the
The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario prohibits me from doing so. If you would like more information regarding acupuncture, a  free 15 minute consultation is available regarding those services.

“Just wanted to say a big big THANK YOU again for an amazing cupping class this weekend.  Your kind heart and caring soul shines through and I am blessed to be taught by such an amazing and integrous woman.  Keep shining!!!”

Kerri Bailey, Registered Massage Therapist

“I had the opportunity of attending Bonnie’s class “cupping for professionals” this past weekend
Fantastic class!
Bonnie is an incredible teacher she spends lots of time sharing information, giving you a step by step information booklet so all you have to do is listen her experience which she shares so freely.
She brought in some wonderful volunteers so we could all see, touch and ask questions both to Bonnie and the volunteers .. then we were given plenty of time to give and receive a treatment…. perfect amount of time for information laughs and munchies here and there … I’ve attend many classes in my years as a practitioner and by far this was one of the best … thank you so much Bonnie” 💞💞💞💞
Lisa Loder RMT

“I recently took the facial cupping workshop with Bonnie and was impressed again with how informative Bonnie is at teaching and also how effective the cups work. I like that facial cupping is a natural way of enhancing and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Bonnie is very knowledgeable in how to safely use the cups and demonstrates on herself so that you can follow and understand more clearly how to properly use them.  Bonnie provides you with plenty of information so that you will be able to remember the techniques even after a few weeks of not using them.

I have previously taken Reiki and Sound Healing workshops with Bonnie and always enjoy her way of teaching and just connecting with her as she is a fun and caring person.

I would highly recommend taking the facial cupping workshop or any other workshop that she teaches because they are all about taking care of yourself or others in a great and natural way.

Thanks again Bonnie!”

Cindy J.


“Just wanted to say thank you for all your wise teachings! I feel like I learned a lot of very useful tools that I look forward to strengthening the connection to within myself. I was wondering if you ever put on short workshops about the business end of things? I feel like you also have a lot of knowledge about things on that end of the spectrum!”


“Loved Bonnie’s class. Would highly recommend to anyone. Class sizes are small so we got individualized attention. She was laid back in her approach and had many interesting stories to help clarify her points. As well as keeping it interesting for all.
We got about 5 hours of practice time which was great for experience.  I really got the feel for reiki.
She also wrote her own book which we used to follow along with and to take home. Very clear and to the point.
Thank you Bonnie. I look forward to level 2 in the near future. ”
Lana Zincone

“I had such an amazing experience with you and your class. Your attention to everyone’s individual journey made me feel equipped to leave the building after the class ready to practice and learn even more about Reiki and the entire day was extremely enjoyable. I came to your class for a number of reasons, both personal and educational, and the positive affect that your class has left on me is much greater than I could have ever imagined. All I can ever really do is thank you for that.”

“After years of contemplating whether or not I’d like to take a Reiki course, I came across Bonnie’s website and instantly felt drawn to enroll myself. She created such a warm and open environment for our small group to learn and experience what Reiki has to offer. I came away exhausted (in the best way possible!!) and inspired by all we had discussed. I’m thoroughly looking forward to taking the next two workshops with Bonnie, and to see where my very own “healing pathway” takes me 🙂
“I have never in my life experienced anything like I did for my Reiki Session, I am still in awe of the feeling of complete inner peace and relaxation.”
Sherry Lacey

“Thanks for a great session yesterday, Bonnie. My head feels sooo much better! I left singing!”
Joanne Tofflemire

‘Some time ago you did a reading with my daughter. You saw her befriending a boy with dreadlocks in a program she didn’t know if she would be accepted into. Well, she is in the program and the boy, with dreadlocks, without any coaxing from her, initiated a friendship she believes will be special. I’m telling everyone about this non-coincidence! You are gifted!’

“Hi Bonnie, just wanted to tell you that some of the info you gave me in my telephone reading is starting to happen.  My brother-in-law is in the hospital and not doing very well.  (You said he would not see Christmas).  My daughter-in-law is newly pregnant…. a surprise for me. (I think you said she would have another boy, but I am kinda hoping it will be a girl)
The work issue is slowly dying a natural death.  Things have improved greatly on that front.
Thanks again… namaste”

“Thank you so much for your real but compassionate reading. You always bring warmth and understanding to the situation. Thank you.”

“My reading with Bonnie helped me move along my path and overcome blocks.  I would recommend her services and gave my Mom a Reading/Reiki package as a gift.”
Sarah, Consultant

“My R&R (Reiki and a reading) with Bonnie was amazing! It was my first experience with both and I was thrilled with it.  I did the R&R when I was 7 months pregnant and I truly feel like my baby benefited from the Reiki as well.
The Reiki was sooo relaxing and unbelievable.  I truly felt like I was “somewhere else” but was also very aware of the present…such a neat experience!
Bonnie’s reading was right on.  The insight that she gave me was so accurate and helpful.
After my session with Bonnie, I felt much more relaxed and “awake.”  I still can’t stop thinking and talking about my experience with Bonnie!
Thank you Bonnie, for such an amazing and beautiful experience.”
Angela Gray – stay at home mama & birth doula

“At a time of much grief and family disturbance I received a Reiki treatment from Bonnie that helped profoundly in lifting off & releasing painful energy. The singing bowl moved me to another dimension!

With her psychic readings Bonnie demonstrated a remarkable sensitivity to the issues and and influences surrounding my life circumstances. Her warmth and ‘real-ness’ put me at ease.”
Lorraine, Retired Teacher

“Thank you for doing my e-mail reading, it was fantastic. And everything you’ve said has come true, and right now I’m very focused on my health, and myself as a whole. I’ve stopped drinking caffeine, and stopped all sugar. I’m healthier now than I was.”
Thank you again,

“I tend to turn to Bonnie for answers when feeling conflicted, or when I just need some encouragement.  Sometimes, when I feel like I am doing everything I can to turn a situation around, and a positive outcome doesn’t look like it is anywhere in sight; I just call Bonnie.  Yes, she gives me pretty accurate details about the future, but she really helps me understand the current situation I am presently facing.
I recall an instance, when a relative had turned his back on our family.  For 5 years, I tried everything praying, meditating, sending him e-mails etc… And for 5 years- no response.  Bonnie was able to tell me what he was going through during that time. She knew when he was coming back, and she knew how.  5 years later he showed up, and apologized for everything.  Everything that Bonnie predicted he was going through was true.  Bonnie had said, it would be his girlfriend that would encourage him to come back, and help him see things for what they were- and sure enough that is exactly what his girlfriend had done.
That is what I love about Bonnie’s readings.  She helps me see things from the other person’s perspective, and she gives me hope when a situation looks hopeless. She also finds the positive in any situation. Sometimes, all I had was her readings in the back of my mind to help me pull forward.”

Thank you Bonnie!  Based on your last reading- I have a lot more to look forward too!!

“I was so impressed with the information I was given , my sister from out of town insisted I make an appointment for her.

Bonnie produced intimate facts about my family that rang true. She helped me to view each day with a new perspective knowing I had a spirit guide to watch over and teach me.

I refer to my recording of our session to help me remember to take life a little less seriously because we are just visitors on earth for a short while.”
Elizabeth, Special-needs Teacher


“I started writing to Bonnie for email readings approximately 3-4 years ago and let me tell you, almost everything has come true.  Some of it was painful to read and experience but one thing she told me that I will never forget and that came true is that I have a beautiful daughter named Lillian.  Bonnie stated in my reading that she saw me graduating with my Master’s degree very pregnant and that I would have a little girl.  I was 5-6 months pregnant when I graduated with my miracle baby in the womb!  I can’t thank her enough for this wonderful prediction.”
KLC, Social Worker

“This was an amazing reading, one of the most honest and accurate readings I’ve ever had! I’m very impressed by your skills!!! You are truly gifted in many ways.”

“I wrote to you because I was about to give up and now your reading has renewed my hope and given me something to tell myself on days where it all seems hopeless. I am truly grateful for that . You really captured the essence of my situation and even singled out some very specific facts that I knew of before I consulted you, especially concerning one of my past lives. This confirms to me that my intuition was right in leading me to you (or whoever gave me that nudge )”

“Bonnie helped us make a corporate event a success! Bonnie added her talents to a variety of activities featured in our employee appreciation event, presented as an indoor carnival. Bonnie was easy and pleasant to work with through the development process. She presented herself professionally at our event and delivered her services as promised. I had many employees let me know how pleased they were with Bonnie’s psychic readings. We were very happy to have her as part of our event.”
Aidan Prince
(Organizational Development Specialist)
“In Dec of 08, I held a special Christmas party for my students and their guests. I had Bonnie come to do readings for anyone who was interested. Everyone loved it! Bonnie was friendly, sincere and most of all fun. Having her at our event made it that much more interesting and exciting. I am looking forward to working with her again for future events. Highly recommended.”
Elisabeth Magalhaes
(Owner of “Live Once Pole Dance and Fitness Studio”)
“I hope you realize how special your gift is. You really have an ability to connect with clients. It’s like I feel your energy just over an e-mail.”

“Thank you so much. It was incredible how much better my leg felt Sunday evening. Best sleep I’ve had in 6 weeks.”
(Karen had just had a cast taken off of her broken leg and was sore and bruised. We did about 15 minutes of what I like to call, “band-aid Reiki”)


“Each time I have seen you, I find myself so happy that I went. I feel like I am more willing to trust in the unknown now, and open to new ideas, which in turn I think makes me more accepting and peaceful. I’m sure
I’ll be seeing you again!”


“I first met Bonnie Adam at a local psychic fair. I pride myself on being a rational person who doesn’t automatically believe in anything or anyone. Nonetheless, due to Bonnie’s undeniable talent and palpable honesty, I was immediately won over. Soon, I referred many friends who were similarly impressed by her abilities and purity of heart. She has provided us with so much comfort over the last few years that we have become good friends. Bonnie is a genuinely spiritual person with the heart and integrity to back it up. If you’re reading this, I sincerely hope that you have the good fortune to get to know this fabulous human being.”

“Bonnie knows what treatment you need before you knock on her door – believe me, it happened to me. I had not known Bonnie before arriving at an open house fundraising event. We were offered three 15 minute attractions: card reading, massage, and Reiki sessions. It was during the Reiki session when I met Bonnie. She is a warm, loving, spiritual person. By the time it was my turn for Reiki, she had already treated several people and her energy level was skyrocketing. When I told her that I did not have any medical problem and wanted a relaxation treatment, she told me that my root chakra needed attention. Then she added “Now I understand why at the last moment I decided to bring a Tibetan Singing bowl with me here today”. Using the beautiful, long and echoing sound of the sacred Bowl, Bonnie helped me become grounded.”

“In the Reiki session, I could definitely feel a surge of nurturing energy enter my heart and soul- which I dearly needed.” Thank you.

“ I have been fortunate enough to have had a few readings with Bonnie. She is incredible. I have come away with a sense of peace and purpose. She answered all my questions with a sense of understanding that is both rare and wonderful. I was also fortunate enough to have Bonnie into my home for a private reading party. It was a great evening that is still talked of between my friends and I. It has only been a couple of months, but many of the visions have proved true.”

“Bonnie has done several readings for me which have helped me gain valuable perspective on my life. She is very open and therefore she is able to have amazing insight. Bonnie doesn’t filter the information…she passes it on to you in a pure form, without adding her own opinions or biases. Sometimes it is the thing that you don’t want to hear that you need to hear the most. My background is in education and I would encourage anyone who considers themselves to be a “student of life” to avail themselves of a wonderful opportunity to learn more about themselves by having Bonnie do a reading for them.”

“This was my first reading. I was just going to start school and was very nervous. With your reading I was able to gain confidence. I wanted to know how it would go. I wanted to know if I am pursuing the right career. I just thought I would drop you this note and let you know that school is going great!”

“I enjoy regular readings with Bonnie and find her insights to be both enlightening and honest. She is truly gifted.”

“I wanted to tell you that because of your reading I was able to deal with the death of my mother. I was so happy to hear that she is still with me. You knew things about me that you could not have known. It was so interesting! I am going to tell all of my friends to come and see you!”


Who Is Bonnie?

Bonnie Adam is a Registered Acupuncturist, a cupping therapist and a Reiki Master and intuitive healer. She also teaches a variety of workshops including Reiki and cupping therapy.

"Follow your healing pathway."

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